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Data Research Solutions.

Sunquake Software Solutions Inc. has experience researching data for a variety of different clients and data types both from online data sources and from on-site data research.

Some examples of provided solutions include:

  • Contracted with Potrero Group Consulting in California. One project involved collecting financial and supporting data that analyzed the various non-profits that support the National Parks. The data was collected from a large variety of online sources. A second, similar project involved analyzing pre and post recession financial data for non-profits in Napa County California. [Excel Spreadsheet]
  • Contracted with J. Holt & Associates since November 2014. The projects were both on-line and on-site with an emphasis on real estate research. On-site research includes Clark Co WA, Multnomah Co OR, Clackamas Co OR, and Washington Co OR collecting Trust and Warranty Deed data. On-line research included many different states including Florida, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. The data was research into real estate purchasing leads. [Excel Spreadsheet]
  • Contracted with MailCo Productions based in North Carolina since September 2017. The on-site research is for Trust Deed data in Clark Co WA, Multnomah Co OR, and Washington Co OR. [Client Provided Application]
  • Contracted with Wolfgang Research Professionals based in Plymouth Indiana for four months in 2018. Probate data was collected on-site in Multnomah Co OR. [Excel Spreadsheet]
  • Contacted with Top Spin LLC based in Portland, OR since June 2018 to collect Writ of Execution data. [email]

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