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Sunquake Software Solutions can provide you with 
Custom Windows Software Applications.

Our staff has experience providing applications for a wide variety of needs and environments since 1993. Programming experience includes Microsoft C# .Net and Visual Basic 6.0. Our experience includes providing connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5, and Microsoft Access databases.

Some examples of provided solutions include:

  • A custom VBA application was written to integrate Microsoft Excel and Word. The application automated a large number of repetitive copy/paste/format steps from Excel to a Word Template saving significant time and increasing data accuracy.
  • A custom Quotation and WIP Track System written in C# .Net 2008. The client is Windows based while the server side is a Ubuntu Linux Server running a MySQL 5 database. The solution also uses VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) to integrate Excel with the application.
  • A custom Inventory System was written in Visual Basic 6. The database used was MySQL 4 running on a Windows computer.
  • A custom Data Collection System was written in Visual Basic 6. The application was integrated with a third party WIP System and third party Specification System by consuming web services. Databases used were Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle 8, and Microsoft Access.
  • A custom Data Processing System was written in Visual Basic 6. The application read data from a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database, formatted the data appropriately, and then passed the data to another application that sent the data to the company's clients.
  • A custom Tool Integration System was written in Visual Basic 6. The application was interfaced using a GPIB (HPIB) card. The application controlled the tool, collected and formatted data, presented the data to the user in a useful way, and stored the data in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database.
  • A custom Report was created in C# .Net 2005 that interfaced with a UNIX based accounting system. The report replaced an Excel workbook and macro application and added many time saving features.
  • A custom Report was created using Visual Basic .Net. The data was read from a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database and an Oracle 8 database. The application integrated the data from the two databases and then the formatted report was sent to clients as part of a Certificate of Compliance.
  • A custom Tool Integration System was written in Visual Basic 3. The data was collected from the tools via a custom file system over network read and stored in a Microsoft Access database. The entire application was eventually upgraded to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

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